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Customer support
Monday – Friday between 09:00 – 17:00 CET
Phone: (+47) 21 00 40 20

Urgent assistance / At destination
Monday – Sunday 09:00 – 23:00 CET (Weekdays from 17:00 in English only and all day weekends)
Phone: (+47) 21 00 41 00

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How do I know my booking was successful?
If you get an error message your booking is unlikely to have been successful. When you make a booking and it has been confirmed you will receive a Norwegian Holidays document to the email you have provided.
If you are not sure whether your booking was successful for another reason, please contact Norwegian Holidays on phone: +47 21 00 40 20. Please don`t just make another booking as you may end up getting charged twice.

I have not received my email confirmation – do I have a booking?
In most cases, this is caused by incorrect email address, please contact our customer service. Call +47 21 00 40 20 before making any further attempt to book.

Where can I find my booking?
You will find the necessary links to your travel documents in the booking confirmation we send to you when you booked and paid for your package trip and you can also view them online by logging in here.

I am not able to open my voucher.
Please send us an email on and we will send you a new voucher or you can login here and re-download your voucher.

Can I reserve my seat(s) after I have made the booking?
It is not possible to reserve seats yourself online after you have booked your trip.
We can help you reserve your seats by sending us an email on

Can I add hotel and/or car after the booking is made?
No. Reservation of car and/or hotel must be made at the time of booking.

Can I cancel my booking?
Cancellation fee of £50 is applicable on all cancellations in addition to the fee charged by the hotel. See the cancellation fee for the hotel in your travel confirmation or in the hotel / room you wish to order. The flight portion of the package can be refunded in full up to 28 days after the booking was made and is non-refundable within 28 days of the travel date.

Unused package travel can not be changed or refunded.

If you have signed a cancellation insurance with Norwegian Holidays and if you or your travel companion become acute sick, you can cancel the entire package trip and get a full refund if you can show a valid medical certificate.

Can I transfer my booking?
You can transfer a booking to another person with a fee that reflects Norwegian airlines name change fee, please see more information here.

Booking a package for a large group.
Norwegian Holidays bookings can be made for up to 9 passengers and 3 rooms under one reservation number. All bookings must be made online at least 72 hours prior to departure. All bookings must be paid in full by credit card at the time of booking.

NOTE: Bookings are not available over the phone, chat or email.

Special assistance
If you require special assistance at the airport please contact us by email after making the reservation so that we can request assistance.

* Wheelchairs and other aids
* Hearing impaired
* Visually impaired



What document do I need to bring?
We recommend that you bring a copy of your flight itinerary to the airport.

What’s included in my airline ticket?
It includes 2 checked-in luggage plus hand luggage and seat reservation on the flight.

For our international long-haul flights to the USA and Thailand meals are also included.

Can I upgrade to premium cabin?
If you make a booking and would like to upgrade to premium cabin you can request this by sending us an email at and we will check availability and advise you of the price difference.

Can I change my seat reservation?
We can change your seat reservation up to 6 hours before departure and depending on availability. Seats cannot be changed online or at the airport.

Can I book multiple destinations in my package trip?
No, in our package you need to travel from and to the same destination.

Can I change my flight?
We can make changes to your flight reservation, however, this depends on availability and your hotel reservation which might have a change/cancel fee. Please contact us via email for more information regarding your booking.

What do I do if my flight is delayed?
Please contact our customer service on (+47) 21 00 41 00 or the Norwegian Air representatives at the airport. If you will arrive later to your destination, please contact your hotel/car rental to inform about late arrival.

What do I do if the flight is cancelled?
Please contact our customer service on (+47) 21 00 41 00 or the Norwegian Air representatives at the airport. If you will arrive later to your destination, please contact your hotel/car rental to inform about late arrival.



What document do I need to bring?
You have received a hotel voucher in your booking confirmation. Please bring this to the hotel.

Do I need to pay a deposit when I check-in at the hotel?
It is normal procedure for hotels to reserve an amount on your credit card upon check-in as a deposit for optional services.

The hotel can’t find my booking. What should I do?
Please contact our customer service on (+47) 21 00 41 00

The hotel was closed when I arrived. What should I do?
Please contact our customer service on (+47) 21 00 41 00

Can I book hotel room for just a few nights in my package?
No, the hotel reservation must be for the entire period of the trip.

Can I request a disabled accessible room?
Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee all our hotels offer adapted rooms. If you need an adapted room, please contact our customer service on +47 21 00 40 20 before you make your reservation, and we will try to help you.

Can I upgrade my room?
We are not able to upgrade the room reservation after booking, however, you can request a room upgrade when at the hotel and pay the difference locally.

Can I change hotel in my reservation?
We are not able to change the hotel after booking, please contact us for more information.

What is tourist tax?
Certain hotels/destinations might be subject to local/governmental taxes. These must be paid by the traveler directly at the hotel.

What is resort fee?
A resort fee is a daily mandatory additional charge that some hotels separates out from the advertised price. Resort fees are common in USA.

The hotel does not meet my expectations. What can I do?
Please address your inquiries directly to the hotel staff as soon as possible or contact Norwegian Holidays on (+47) 21 00 41 00

What should I do if I have been charged for a service that should have been included?
Please check the hotel voucher for specification and contact Norwegian Holidays for any discrepancies as soon as possible.

Is the hotel pool open all year round?
No, the outdoor pools are usually open seasonally and it can vary from hotel to hotel if they are heated.



What document do I need to bring?
Please check the car rental conditions and bring your printed voucher. Car rentals require the lead drivers’ credit card for the deposit, sometimes two credit cards. Rules may vary, so please read through all details under “mandatory documents” on your voucher.

Can I only reserve one car per booking?
Yes, correct.

Can I request a child/booster seat?
Send an e-mail with your request including your booking number to: We will forward your request to the car rental company. Any extra charges involved must be paid for directly to the car rental company.

Is insurance included?
It can vary from one car rental provider to another. Please check the voucher provided in the reservation confirmation from the car rental company.

What if I have any issues collecting the vehicle?
Please contact either our car rental provider Cartrawler as soon as possible (24h): +47 21 51 81 71, or to Norwegian Holidays Customer Service within opening hours.

What if I have issues during the rental?
Please call the car rental company first and if they are not able to accommodate the issue please contact our car rental provider Cartrawler (24h): +47 21 51 81 71 



Can I pay for part of the trip with my CashPoints?
No, you would not be able to pay a package trip using CashPoints.

When do I receive my CashPoints?
The CashPoints will be visible in your balance after the trip has ended.

Can I add my Reward number after the booking is made?
We will not be able to add the reward number after the booking has been made, please make sure to add this at the time of booking.

Adding Reward Numbers
Each traveler in the reservation should use their own individual Reward number (even if included in a family account). If the same Reward number is added to more than 1 traveler in the booking only the main traveler will receive their share of the CashPoints.