Cancellation policy

Cancellation fee of £50/€50/500 DKK is applicable on all cancellations in addition to any fee occurred by the hotel / airline.

Hotel – See cancellation policy for the hotel in your travel confirmation.
Flights – The flight portion of the package can be refunded in full up to 28 days after making the booking (unless the departure date is less than 28 days from the time of booking). If the cancellation is made more then 28 days after the initial booking date the flight portion is non-refundable.

Unused package travel can not be changed or refunded.

Cancellation protection:
If you have purchased a cancellation protection with Norwegian Holidays, you will receive a refund without charge if you or someone in your travel company has to cancel due to illness prior to departure. Cancellations must be made before departure and medical certificate must be sent to

Cancellation policy for bookings made before July 1, 2018:
Bookings made before July 1, 2018 are not eligible for refund of the booking with the exception of reservations with cancellation protection.